Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds (rahaeli) wrote in lj_contests,
Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds

Writing Showcase

Many people have asked us why our March writing contest is limited only to US residents of every state but Arizona, and to people age 18 and over. It's really not our choice, I promise -- the laws regarding contests like these are very specific and very limiting, and we made the decision to offer the contest for those people who could participate rather than not offer it at all. This contest is going to be the first of several in 2007, and we're working with our lawyers and our legal advisors to broaden who can partcipate as much as possible.

However, several people have suggested a way to let people who aren't eligible for the current contest showcase their work, and our lawyers have agreed that it's okay. So, if you fall into one of the categories of people prohibited from entering -- individuals under the age of 18, non-US residents, residents of the state of Arizona, employees of Six Apart and their families, and LiveJournal volunteers, among others -- we're happy to announce that you can submit your work in a special "non-contest" showcase to have your voice heard.

If you aren't eligible to enter the March nonfiction writing contest, but you'd still like a chance to have your work posted, you can email lj_contests@livejournal.com (note the different email address!) with "LiveJournal Non-Fiction Showcase" in the subject line. Please follow all the other guidelines from the contest itself: your work should be no more than 1500 words, on the topic of how women's issues and/or women's history has affected you personally. Please state, in the body of the email, the reason why you're not eligible to enter the contest ("I am under the age of 18" or "I'm not a resident of the US" or similar).

We'll choose a sampling of what we consider the best work and post them separately during the month of April. Participating in this showcase does not make you eligible to win any prize. There will be no prizes associated with this showcase. It's for people who are prevented, legally, from participating in the contest itself. There will be no awards -- except, of course, bragging rights.

If we had our way, we'd make the contest open to everyone, but the law surrounding contests is very strict. See the official contest rules for a list of who's eligible to enter and who isn't. Hopefully, the people who are excluded by the legalities will enjoy this chance to submit their work for a potential wider audience.

And thanks to everyone who's submitted an entry to the writing contest itself so far. We've really been enjoying reading the submissions, and we look forward to seeing more!
Tags: 2007, march, nonfiction, showcase, writing

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