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Announcing the LJ 'Trick or Tweet' winners!

Halloween was pretty low key for the LJ Editors, until we got to reading the scariest, silliest, cleverest and pithiest tweets for our first ever LJ 'Trick or Tweet' contest.

LJ Twitter uses were asked to finish the sentence: "It was a dark and stormy night..." in one tweet.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We enjoyed reading them all. In no particular order, these are our favorites and the winners of 500 LJ tokens each:

  • @ariandalen
    ...when the lightning etched your profile in the window, but you lay three days buried. #ljtrickortweet

  • @Mythotic
    ...yet the lj rper never knew, much too caught up in their slash and drama and 100x100 pixel fantasies to care. #ljtrickortweet

  • @JenCarpeDiem
    @LiveJournal "It was a dark and stormy night..." when Anne first heard it; a baby screaming in the long-empty cradle. #ljtrickortweet

  • @swallowtt
    ...when a piercing bite took and gave life. Sharp fangs awakened by a new hunger; the scent of blood dripping from a knife. #ljtrickortweet

  • @reddogrising
    #ljtrickortweet It was a dark and stormy night, the light from my computer keeping me company, but then with a CRASH the screen went dark!

  • @skydiver119
    #ljtrickortweet it was a dark & stormy night when she came n2 his world. Eyes of grey, lips of pink, she ruled his life from her 1st blink.

  • @thismissmilano
    @LiveJournal it was a dark and stormy night, which made the kite flying contest both risky and hard to judge. #ljtrickortweet

  • @liralenli
    It was a dark and stormy night, and kids gleefully ran into it to trick-or-treat with soggy, reluctant parents close behind. #ljtrickortweet

  • @Csophae
    It was a dark and stormy night and the kid dressed as the weatherman got pelted with eggs by the trick or treaters. #ljtrickortweet

  • @RuariGoesRawrr
    It was a dark & stormy night as she slipped from reality, grief driving her over the edge of madness, to a kiss from the sea #ljtrickortweet

Congratulations! If you are a winner, we will contact you via Twitter.
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