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LJ Scribes to host Halloween 'Trick or Tweet' Contest!

To celebrate the spookiness of Halloween, LJ Scribes will be hosting a special contest on Twitter next week. 
Finish the sentence: “It was a dark and stormy night…” in 125-characters or less. Then tweet your entry. You do not need to include the prompt, however you must mention a #ljtrickortweet hashtag in your tweet.
10 of the most clever and creative entries will win 500 tokens each! 

The contest will be open from 9 am PST to 11:59 pm PST on Halloween (Monday, October 31,2011).

If you don’t want to post to Twitter, that’s okay too. We’ll still be having our regular writer’s competition (starting at 4 pm PST), so you can just post it in this community all week. Just remember to keep the entry under 125 characters! 

We'll remind you again about the contest. But in the meantime, get the word out to friends, scribes and countrymen! Contest is open to anyone with who has or wants an LJ account!

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